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Medina Lake and Canal System

If your interested in the lake, This is the site to go to. It has lots of details about the lake as well as many pictures

Edwards Aquifer Homepage

If your interested in water on a more regional level you will want to start here. It is Greg Eckhardt's home page. The above site is a part of this site.

Save Medina Lake.com
This is a new web site with a lot of information on the drought of 2013 by LAMCOS and other friends of the lake in hopes of finding ways to protect the lake. There are good pictures of the drought, history, and other information, as well as a book and several videos which can be purchased. Good site, worth a look.

Mico Quarry Information Board

This is a new web site that has information on New Quarry Sites in our area as well as general information about Mico


This is an old page that I did for LAMCOS. The information is no longer updated but you may find interesting information here.

Hydrological Information about Medina Lake and Area

USGS Links to information about Medina Lake

Medina Lake Level

Commercial Sites

Jack Love
If you're looking for property at Medina lake check out Jack's page. I have started working on Jack's web site and am updating it regularly so try it out.  http://www.medinalakelandsales.com

Joe's Place

Joe's place has a marina, swimming beach, camping area and everything else you need for a day, weekend, or vacation at the beach. Located in downtown Mico.


Wally's Watersports

If you want to learn how to ski, (water or snow) wakeboard or just need epuipment Wallys is the place for you. Located in downtown Mico.


Bedrock Resort

Bedrock Resort located next to the dam in downtown Mico has a place for you to stay whether for a couple or a crowd. They also have facilities for weddings and large parties or just come on the weekends to picnic and swim.


Mission City Container

While not actually a Mico Business the owners are lake people so if you need some boxes or packing material check out their site.


 The links that follow in this section were forwarded to me by Anne Dale

Texas Water Development Board

(Legislative appointed board planning our water future)


TNRCC Information System

(Information about the Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission)

Bexar Met Water District

(Buyers of BMA water from Medina Lake for distribution in SA)


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