Mico is a small community about 16 miles west of San Antonio Texas. It is located in what is known as the Texas Hill Country. In 1911 A dam was built, with private funds, across the Medina River to form Medina Lake. Mico is the populated area that has grown up over the years on both sides of the dam. The lake was built to irrigate the fertile farm land just south of Mico and was never meant to be a constant level lake, for this and other reasons it has not become a rich resort area but rather a sleepy little community. San Antonio however is beginning to build out towards us and that may all change in a couple of years.

St. Francis Chapel

St. Francis Chapel

St. Francis Chapel is one of the few public buildings in Mico. It was built in 1926 to provide religious services to the fishermen and hunters, it still has Mass every Saturday evening and, although it is a Catholic service anyone is welcome.

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