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Mico Fire House

For more information on the Mico Fire Department go to their web site at:

Mico Fire Department

The Mico Fire House is where the volunteer fire department calls home. It is a brand new facility built in 2012. There are two other substations as we cover a large area even though it is sparsely populated.

Mico Post Office

For a time Mico had it's own Post Office however with the cutbacks iot is no longer used. Got an idea? I'll bet you could rent it cheap. Mico Post Office

Mico Bridge

Mico's new bridge. In the summer of 2001 we finally got a new bridge. It has two lanes and is a few feet higher than the old bridge so it should not flood as easily. It did however in the flood of 2004 and while the bridge held the road and ramp going to it washed away.
View below the bridge.
View from Mico's bridge
Mico Bridge This was the old bridge that joined east and west Mico, It spanned the Medina River just below the dam and, as you can see, it was only one lane.
This picture was taken when the lake was full and water and was going over the spillway of the dam. This happens every few years and can last a few days or a few weeks. The detour caused by this adds about 30 miles to get from one side of town to the other. Mico Bridge in flood


Medina Dam

 Monument on dam.



 Thi is the Historical Monument on the Dam. It is a little hard to read at this size but if you click on the picture it, like all the other pictures on this page, will take you to a larger version of that picture. You can no longer get onto the dam to see this monument. After 911 the government decided that the dam was a terrorist target and closed it off. For many years people were allowed to walk on it. You often met your neighbors enjoying the view from the dam. One can only hope that we can return to a more peaceful world where we can once again walk on the dam.

Medina Dam  It is hard to get to a place that you can get a picture of the dam that does it any justice. I'll add more pictures at a later time.
 Vultures on dam  A large colony of vultures (I have counted 200) roosts in the trees below the dam and in the cooler morning they migrate up to the rails and hang around till the air heats up enough to start a thermal. The Dam evidently creates a large thermal and I think that is the reason we have so many vultures in the area. In the right season you will also see a number of Great Blue Herons nesting in the trees. The dam puts you above the treetops.
 Vultures in flight  When the temperature is right and the thermal starts warm air upward the vultures take off. It is quite a site to see hundreds of big birds spiraling to great heights without a single wing stroke.
 view of lake from the dam  The view from the North of the Dam is of the lake which is not a constant level lake so it is a constantly changing view. This is what it looks like when it is about 26 feet low.



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