Medina Lake Historic Repository

Flood of 2002 Pictures

Here are some pictures of the flood of 2002

Locomotive from narrow gauge Rail Road

Mico Locomotive Jim Crawford and family donated this picture of one of the locomotives that supplied the building of the Dam

Old pictures from Castroville and the area

This is a group of pictures and advertisements from the early days of Castroville donated by Lois and Richard Zelmer

The links below will take you to historic documents and pictures of Medina Lake which have been donated by Gary Heseltine

Medina County Rain Fall Records

This is chart of the monthly rainfall totals from 1880 to 1987

Post Card

Post card of the Dam QuarryPostcard of the quarry during the building of Medina Dam.



Texas Indians

The history of the early Indians in Texas by Ralph Snavely Jr.


U.S.G.S. Fact Sheet

This is a Fact Sheet that the U.S. Geological Survey put out about their National Water-Quality Assessment Program in South Central Texas.

Recharge of Edwards Aquifer by Basin

Calculated annual recharge to the Edwards Aquifer by basin from 1934 to 1984

Discharge from Edwards Aquifer by County

Calculated annual discharge from Edwards Aquifer by county from 1934 to 1984


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20 MARCH 2002