Scotland August/September 2018

View of Glasgow from a sister's front window.

This looks very Olmec to me.

This ship is made from match sticks.

Life Boats for sea rescue.

We went to the Harbor on the day one of the Scottish TV shows, Landward,

was shooting a segment so the girls got a chance to meet Dougie Vipond and Nick Nairn.

We had a very nice lunch at the Ship Inn, the white building in the middle.

This is Sandy's walk. He has made a walk through his property for the local kids and adults

and has decorated it with things that are donated to him or he finds in thrift shops.

There are also views of into the Scottish landscape.

Yellow Brick Road

A few years ago there were a number of artist chosen to make their rendition of a cow. It was called the Cow Parade and prizes were give, cows were reproduced and sold. Imagine our suprise to find a cow from the San Antonio Cow Parade in Sandy's garden path.

Stopped at a few Thrift Shops.

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