Custom Constellations

If we don't have your favorite Constellation we can make it for you. If it is in my Astronomy Book you can just let me know the name but if you want to get it just the way you picture it, or you want to design your own constellation just scribe a 2 inch radius circle on a piece of paper and draw the stars where you want them. I use points (round holes) for smaller stars and star shapes for stars of greater magnitude in a system. Be sure and mark which way is up

If you want lines scribed into the clay between the stars draw lines where you want them.

Scan the drawing and send it to me at:

Then fill out an order form in our Order Page so that I can get the rest of your information.

We charge $46.00 for each Luminary as long as the star pattern doesn't get real complicated.

Copyright © 2001 by Bill Finley
17 Nov 2008